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Dear all,
Just to report to you of the COOL JW Fan convention held last night in Tokyo.
Objective: A socializing event organized by the webmaster of FFOW (Fantasy Full of Wetton) website - a Japanese JW fan website.
Venue: A small live spot in Shinjuku, Tokyo
1) Voluntary session by amateur musicians. See below for the set list.
2) A talk show by the webmaster - the topic was "The last decade of our great Mr Wetton". Since the FFOW was launched ten years ago, we synchronized the last decade and musical achievement of John and FFOW.
3) Party - to share our thoughts and devotion to John's great career and music.

About 40 members joined the event; oh what a spectacular evening it was!
Everyone did a great job with their own part; the vocalists surely spend days for memorizing the lyrics in ENGLISH! Amazingly, the vocalists' English was fantastic. With RED, the guitar player was almost mistaken for Dr Fri pp, with the glasses and tie. Not to mention, other players did a great job.

Not surprisingly, the participants shared great admiration, respect, and love to John's music; they could talk hours about their favorite numbers.

The fans who joined the convention were just a tip of the iceberg of John's fans in Japan. A massive number of fans are waiting for John's next visit to Japan in great, great anticipation.

John, please join our next convention as a secret guest!!!

Please do remember that millions of fans are waiting for your next Japan visit.

FFOW (reported by sakura)
Set list
01.Through My Veins / Asia (Omega)
 02.Holy War / Asia (Omega)
 03.Only Time Will Tell / Asia (Asia)
 04.One Way Or Another / Uriah Heep (High And Mighty)
 05.I've Come To Take You Home / John Wetton (Rock Of Faith)
 06.Keep On Loving Yourself / Wetton/Manzanera (Wetton/Manzanera)
 07.The Last Thing On My Mind / John Wetton (Arc angel)
 08.Red / King Crimson (Red)
 09.After Wall / John Wetton (Arc angel)
 10.The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (Part 1) / Asia (Live In Moscow)
 11.Night After Night / UK (Night After Night - Live In Japan)
 12.Finger On The Trigger / Asia (Omega)
 13.Don't Go Out Tonight / Wetton/Downes (iCon 3)
 14.Shame, Shame, Shame / Bryan Ferry (Let's Stick Together)
 15.Too Late / Asia (Astra)
 16.The Die Is Cast / Wetton/Downes (Rubicon)
 17.End Of The World / Asia (Omega)


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Nice!  Sounds like a good time.  Any pics or videos to share?

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I concur,the Fan Convention complete with all the Covers must have been a great night.
An astute observer might call the Convention "Wettonfest East."

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