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I've been listening to and been a fan of a terrestrial radio program here in Chicago for some time

It's called Bob & Ron's Record Club and here is the original link:

Bob & Ron play music on their record show all transferred for their extensive vinyl collections, and are responsible for keeping good music, and good radio programming alive.

Thanks to Bob & Ron, me and countless others have been exposed to a plethora of amazing music, suchas : Asia, Roxy Music, UK, King Crimson, ELP, Yes, and countless other amazing bands w/ and w/o the members of Asia which are major favorites of the people on this website.

Recently, their radio station switched formats, and Bob & Ron were left without a home after more than 10 years.

I am just asking all the fans on this site make a simple e-mail to "Chicago's Finest Rock" radio station, and ask them to put Bob & Ron on the air:

I don't work for them, I am just a devoted fan.  I know I can count on people like sammy, trisha, and petew to help our fanbase out on this one, I am just asking for others to send a quick e-mail in support so that Chicago and others can continue to be exposed to such amazing music.

Even John Wetton and Geoffery Downes love Bob & Ron:

so I hope they will send e-mails too.

Thank you to everybody for their help.

- GW


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  It is sad that b0b and r0n dont have a show right n0w... They do have a weekly bit on the Steve Dahl sh0w on Wed. @ 10am which is on "The Jack" 104.3FM..I believe they do the "This Day In Rock" bit. Its deff. a step d0wn form what they used to have but I feel in due time they will be back on the air with their 0wn show again!! ..

  IMHO this is just another prime example of g00d radio DJ's going to waste.. b0b and r0n have so much to offer. They are solid DJ's who really like and music and what it has to 0ffer..

just my .02

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