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in this italian rock/hard rock/metal website: http://www.METALLUS.IT 
As soon as I'll have a little time I'll translate it...

cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary...

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Here's what I got from an online translation machine:
"Phoenix" is without doubt one of the album more awaited events of the year, for all those who follow with interest the melodic rock scene, but also those who wondered whether the original four founding members of Asia had a place in the current world. The verdict is truly a positive one, also recognizing that the new album is not tested on the levels of the first appearance of the band.   The band had been constructed with intelligence, class cleverness, one with their own niche between the popularity of AOR and English prog rock.   "Phoenix" positions itself musically in the intersection between the original Asia - the first three albums that meant a lot to us, the more recent John Wetton solo projects and above all the album escapes under the Wetton/Downes projects that preluded this reunion. This crossing of experiences produces exquisite adult melancholy, at times undoubtable pop, and, above all, delivery of three mature and sensitive episodes like "Orchard Of Mines", "Over And Over" and "An Extraordinary Life".  Analyzing the album, the opening is effective musically and emotionally:  the nostalgia of "Never Again" is able to make your eyes shine, and the intro of ballad "Heroine", no doubt similar to that timeless "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes", touching. Wetton is always in fantastic shape.  As far as the band as a whole, they have found a harmony together, that passion and that energy that had concurred with Asia.  Some lighter pieces - "Alibis" for one, with the characteristic blend of voices that has rendered the band immortal - brings back the memory and the essence that made is love Asia.  The same can be said for the simple and effect ballad "I Will Remember You". And then, the unexpected nearly Mediterranean melody of "Wish I' d Known All Along", played on top form by Steve Howe and the fantasy of the rhythmic section with Carl always amazing Palmer. A full promotion, to bring back to the light - even though in splashes - that extremely personal magic, at times old and new, at times leaving class and reaching the depths of the spirit. A great album, played on the thread of the emotions.

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Thank you Francesco!

I love the music and i am a great fan of asia and of John!!!!
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