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Hi John

I found this on facebook I believe you would like to know about this... 

it is not you guys!!!!

Yes, we're up-dating the image from a bunch of white,middle-aged proggers to a black teenage female.
Anyone not like this? 

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Hi JW,

I just got Saga's latest ... Sagacity ... and I just marvel at Michael Sadler's voice still being intact after almost 40 years-- hmm ... maybe you and Mr. Jobson should concoct a tune by the same title for 2017-2018, eh?  He is one of my faves ... right up there with you, Mr. Glenn Hughes, Mr. Rob Moratti, and Mr. Max Bacon in my top 5. 

Outside of quitting smoking, what helps to keep your voice in tip-top form?

Always time for Arsenal and Asia.

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It's not what I do,it's what I DON'T do.

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I was wondering if the two different "G's" in the Gravitas logo (the lower case design on the cover and the upper case in the gold wings banner) were designed by Roger Dean simultaneously or if the upper case one came later? It seems to fit the pyramidical design element more consistently, but they are both awesome.  Best wishes...

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Hi John
Been a while since last posting....hope the family[mum and Dylan] are doing well, as well of yourself of course!
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