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Question(s) for Mr. W--

Read a recollection from Rick Wakeman about Bill Bruford laying a "right chinner" on Chris Squire following a rather heated discussion of a gig or recording session.  Also remember reading something about Mr. B being very publicly less-than-cordial to David Cross while onstage together.  Apparently Mr. B's passion for the music gets a wee bit too strong from time to time, leading to aggressive behavior.  Wondering if Mr. B ever got pugilistic in your presence?  Did Jamie Muir ever have to take him outside and give him a few lashes with a chain? 

Yeah...I know this a very lowbrow topic.  Sordid and silly.  Dark even.  But all cannot be spotless and bridal white.


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BB is not a man to mince his words,but I never saw him lose it.
Wouldn't fancy a punch-up with him,though,cos he's fit as a butcher's dog.
DC could be very irritating.
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