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MK furst Drazen wood like welcum yoo back.
Blockhead be sumbuddy whoo start two say sumthing,then fourge

Cabbage Rolls

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Thank you, Drazen!  I do have an alibi for my absence...  I was gone.  I was not here.

BTW:  Your definition of blockhead:

The real world is a great place to begin

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Originally Posted by ModernKaveman
Geez, I remember the days of when Sexy was first logging onto this GB and was such a shy and innocent lil' girl.

What makes you think I'm not still???    Remember...all show and no go!!!

One last kiss, remember this.

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Hey sexy,
That you R.
Those hot pants you have on are just like the outfit Rubin chose for Laurie & Mom for the 72 tour
BUT they look A LOT better on you!
Yea, looking real nice.

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MK was you ever in LA in 1997?
Cause I saw some crazed man who looked alot like those cavemen on the tv ad driving around in a wooden car with wheels made from stone.

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From here they look like those new hotpants. Maybe some day we can hit the taco stand. Would love to go to Muldoon's point with you

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My heart is shattered once again. A boy under 15 has no rights. Please think about it sexy, I have a bank account & Keith doesn't.

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Warp my mind?
  I have you know it was my photo in 71 that made Farrah Fawcett famous.
   See it for yourself. 


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a wonderful pic it was

it must of been a little chilly that day

From the Island of Dr.Bong
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