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Originally Posted by rock_of_ages
I still recall when the "Don't Cry" video showed on MTV, and how it was a challenge for me to try to videotape it, because you never knew when it, or any other video, was going to be on!    I still recall being all dreamy (or is it starry?!)-eyed while watching that video, all the guys were so damn cute to me!!  Like some of you said up there, I also bought the album, the singles (for the B-sides!), and eventually, the cassette when they were available. 

What I would have given for MTV and/or a VCR back then! My high school years were spent in a tiny little town and the cable system didn't get MTV until 1986. In order to see videos in 1983 I had to stay up all night and watch Night Tracks on TBS (11pm to 5am). I only saw "Don't Cry" and "TSHLYE" a handful of times. It was more than 10 years before I saw either video again.

I love that now I can just pop in the DVD and watch them over and over if I want!

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Here is the video for Don't Cry ~ good God, what a HOT band!
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