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Let's talk about it. So far I've only heard "The Circle of St. Giles" and "The Celtic Cross". Both are gorgeous <3
Enjoy today /Come what may/ This is an extraordinary life <3

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Arkangel and Voice Mail are such well-written albums.  So many stand-out tunes to choose from ... my six faves being: Be Careful What You Wish For, Space and Time, Battlelines, Desperate Times, The Last Thing on My Mind, and Right Where I wanted To Be.

Always time for Arsenal and Asia.

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There's a reason that my internet name is Arkangel3.  I'll give you a few guesses why, LOL!  Seriously though, it's probably my favorite of Johan's albums and has some positively beautiful and life affirming stuff on it.  It seems to be a transition musically and probably personally as well.  The lyrics to the title track are very special to me as I feel the same way that the author feels.  

I also had a wild dream one night where I met someone who was on a winged horse, and when I asked him what his name was, he simply replied "Arkangel".  There's also a city in Russia called Arkangel with some fascinating history behind it.

I have so many personal connections to this album, and musically I think it's brilliant.

"After all, your soul will still surrender. After all, don't doubt your part be ready to be loved" -Yes
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