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I just opened my /ASIA\ 30th Anniversary box set tonight. What a sight to behold...! I texted my friend (whom saw the "X X X" show w/me in Orlando): "Put it this way, Chris: This box set is the equivalent of the 'KISS coffin' - but for /ASIA\ fans."


(You can't argue that Gene & Paul indulge the loyal KISS Army fanbase, right?) And after a 23-year(!) absence (which hardly seems REAL anymore) - I feel like the "lost years" of /ASIA\ have been made up for beyond any fan's expectations.

I WILL geek out on the box set's (many!) content goodies later...

But tonight (after hearing the 1st samples of GRAVITAS!!), I kissed my wife good night - then hustled excitedly to my dark "man cave" with my bro-in-law John for the box set's coup de grace - to watch the exclusive /ASIA\ DVD documentary: "30 YEARS ON".

After 65 minutes with the band members & their music (AND, I confess, a full pint of Häagen Dazs "Coffee" ice cream)... I have come away just stunned, smiling, melancholic, humming, and actually "JOYOUS" - for the directional detour John and his original /ASIA\ band took this legacy in 2006.

It occurred to me, watching the doc unfold, how "sad" the original story ended. I suddenly remembered the long, long, long years of REGRET that I felt as a long-suffering /ASIA\ fan (that their tenure didn't last longer; and (esp.) that I missed them live). At one point, it shows each band-member and where they went AFTER the break-up... After Geoff is shown with the post-script (summarized): "Geoff Downes went on to form a new band... and he called it ASIA."

My bro-in-law and I both laughed. And yet - its kind of how it really went down.

While the music created with Mike Stone in the studio largely formed the soundtrack of my youth - I feel, tonight, that the very BEST part of the /ASIA\ legacy is "now". The body of work created anew, the hard work in re-building the brand on the road (around the WORLD - literally), and even in a dialogue with your fans... it feels good to follow your career. From ROCK OF FAITH to this box set to the samples of GRAVITAS - I just thank God you found the help you needed to beat the bottle. And in the process, Steve, Carl, & Geoff made it to a hotel room in January 2006 with you to take a small step forward again - but TOGETHER.

"30 YEARS ON" is the story I waited 30 years to see - period. It was worth every penny of the box set itself (seriously); this video doc is a perfect bookend to the lineup of that great 1982 debut album. And yet, paradoxically, this video marvellously sets up the FUTURE of this band's legacy.

My box set was enclosed in a black /ASIA\ tote bag that asserts, "...THIS IS AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE." And so it is. Today was an extraordinary DAY.

Thanks for this special fan package, John. Your creative team & Tinman did well by us "die-hard" fans. "30 YEARS ON" is just marvelous - it means a lot to be able to enjoy this kind of historic overview of the band (and with such unrestricted access to footage and unflinching honest reflections (by ALL four principal founders).

Thank you, John. Please pass a kind word to the filmmakers, if you may.


- Douglas

"RIDE EASY my friends... this journey ends before it begins"

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Very eloquently put, AA.


You give me hope, when there is none

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You've gotten the better of my curiosity-just like everything on here that i read by my fellow fans have.
Thank you for sharing your story with all of us, hopefully i'll be able to see that box set that you're talking about, because this i would really like to know this bands whole story and secrets-if they have any.

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