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ALPHA was a very, very, VERY special album to me and I know to many other John fans.

If '82's ASIA album is the "yin" of this band, then '83's ALPHA is clearly the "yang". I actually really enjoy, to this day, listening to the 2 records back-to-back. The first record is fully "Asia" to me, no doubt... but the second album seems to really reveal a lot of what I came to love about "John Wetton" singularly and especially, as both singer and introspective songwriter.

But, hey - let's get through this very busy 2012 and celebrating the first record successfully FIRST!

After the fat lady bows, THEN we may leave the opera house with whispers of ALPHA: 2013... 

"RIDE EASY my friends... this journey ends before it begins"

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i just picked up the Japanese SHM-CD of Alpha and I must say it sounds great. I had the original CD I purchased back in the late 80s all these years. WOW - It sounds so murky compared to this SHM-CD. Now, I know there are many out there that claim the remastering was merely cranking up the treble and bass. I do not hear that. I hear more punch and clarity in the mix.

i highly recommend it.

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 Alpha,  with more punch and clarity(along with cranking up the bass and treble)?   Well then, I must secure a copy for myself, to hear it for myself. 

What can I say? My position is clear!

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Are you talking about January 2009 paper sleeve version, timmy (?). 

I see, Alpha (SHM) was reissued again last year. Are they the same remaster as Asia Gold?

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Universal/Geffen, "priced down" reissue, plastic jewel case
Label: Geffen Records – UICY-25005
Format: CD, Album, SHM-CD 
Country: Japan
Released: 12 Oct 2011

Price: 1714yen (1800yen Tax incl.)
US$ 20.60 

I do not know if they are the same remaster as gold. I do know it sounds better than my TELDEC GmbH manufactured, French barcoded, import from yesteryear.

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I have many different pressings of Alpha on CD (UK, Japan and USA first press, and at least 3 different Japan mini-LP reissues, including a SHM-CD) and on LP (Italian fisrt press, USA Quiex II, Japan Mastersound and Japan Picture Disc, Argentina Promo and some others). You can guess i love that album?

Anyway, the CD version i listen to most of the times is the original UK Geffen GFLD 19053 - mastered by Nimbus - the one with Daylight as the 11th track, unlisted.
I think that CD issue is still unbeaten, sonically.


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For the 30th, I say revisit the 'Don't Cry' video.  'Don't Cry: Redux'.  Redo it, CGI, the whole ball of  In '83 I was 13, and just loved that video and song.  It was in heavy MTV rotation, but was like magic every time it came on.


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anyone notice the promo posters for ALPHA don't include the ALPHA RD Logo?

I've always wondered how that was on the LPs,Cassettes and cds, but never on the promo posters


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John, are there any plans for mentioning the Alpha anniv at a band meeting?
I noticed a few rare tracks i.e. The Last To Know being mentioned in the set
list suggestions. I imagine you have the next year planned out almost.
Any info appreciated.

Also, while I'm at it, any news on Resonance?
Xmas release
or 2013


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I think there´s a tanning salon chain  in Scandinavia that´s called MS.
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