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Isn't he the same tech GD is using as we speak? He told me was with Keith for ages. Really nice guy.  I didn't know until the other night that I have spoken to him on the phone many times.
I'm with the bass player

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As a coda to Saturday evenings performance I hit the Asia gift store and purchased an Asia keychain and long sleeve t-shirt. While Josh was out of the shirts in this size after the gig I could not resist picking up one afterward. 

The tour book is beautiful by the way.



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Somewhere on you tube there's a clip of Asia playing in Austin or Houston 2010.
Where in 3 minutes into whatever song they was playing, two grown men probably drunk were be very loud in the front row and Johns tech comes running from backstage to the front of stage next to John yelling at them to behave or get lost and John keeps on playing while watching what was going on.

I remember seeing ELP in Tulsa in 1993 when someone in the front row was getting a F bomb from Greg Lake durring Luck Man of all things.

If people can't behave at shows, they can always stop selling Beer and I don't think you will like that, So to all the drunks out there, Grow Up and act your age and not your shoe size !!!

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