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From the main page of the official Asia and John Wetton websites:

An amazing new item has been added to the Asia merchandise table on the current tour. As seen in the images below, the band are now offering a USB bracelet for sale which includes the evening's actual concert in MP3 format, available shortly after the end of the gig! This groundbreaking new item will also be made available through the band's online merchandise shop in the near future, with all concerts being available to purchase.


Isn't it a fantastic idea?
Since i'm going to buy them all, will there be a special package for the whole concert series set?

Cheers, Alessandro


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I agree, this is superlative!

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A fabulous idea! And yes, there are many of us that will buy the entire set!!


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I read about those bracelets on this website. Somebody's using their head. Those USB's are a great idea.
Time to pack my bags for Las Vegas. I can't wait to see the goth fan. I'll have my camera ready.

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Great way for the folks who cant make the shows still be a part of a live show..Kudos to Johan and the band for allowing this to happen


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Awesome City!!

Originally Posted by John
Who is Eric Calpton?

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I was just looking at another popular band's website last night and was impressed with their selling every show through the net, but this USB idea is quite clever!  You get a stylish bracelett and a show all in one!  How cool is that?

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It's a GREAT idea! I hope they recorded the Peekskill show so I can get one too! I also REALLY want the San Fran bracelet! THAT will be a CLASSIC show ~ I wish I lived there!


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I thought there was already a thread on this topic? 

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