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 Hello, dears John Wetton and members of Asia. In fact, I meant with this title that John Wetton's legendary bass tone grabbed my attention the first time in the 70s, when I listened to King Crimson's "Red" album. I remember my older brother saying to me, in his room of the apartment in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro: "Look, he's John Wetton, the new bass player of King Crimson", and...the theme, Red, started playing in the turntable and I was immediately caught with that hypnotic beat and loudness, but it was loud because the type of music was not to be listened in moderate volume. Starless was another masterpiece...

Regarding Steve Howe...well, The Clap and The Gates of Delirium is enough to put him to history, as well as Yours Is No Disgrace. But Asia is an incredible ressurection of the late 60s/early 70s prog rock vibe. It seems that world is entering a new era of peace and love...God bless you all.
Happy holidays and a very peaceful, healthy and happy 2008 for you all!
Carlos Bill, 46, bass player, composer, eventually sings.

John Wetton's extraordinarily full-bodied fingerings still innovate music
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