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My doctor turned the pages of the report as I sat on the tissue at the end of that table and he looked up at me and said, "Do you know how bad this is?" and I said, "I do now."

People without it are afraid of it and they can not know, so I have to forgive them for thinking they know. 

I read the cancellations here and it makes me feel that John probably knows.  I'm listening to him play bass and sing live.  "Do you know how good this is?"
I do now.  I found your music late in my life, it is a joy to watch and hear you sing with that manly voice whilst playing perfect bass.  Very cool and I wish you good things.

Keep Going

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I was fortunate to have Hodgkin's Lymphoma and a weird bug that was part of the TB family.  I knew I had the odds in my favor even though I had an extremely tough case of it. 

The worst part about cancer was the mental anguish and not the physical part. 

My recommendation is to focus on getting thru the day.  Don't allow it to change who you are.  It is a horrible experience but appreciate what you have, what you are and your time.   It was easy to feel sorry but when you have lived life and then you see a child go thru chemo on your schedule you realize to be thankful.   

When my treatments were done my boss, one of the nicest people I have been fortunate to know, got diagnosed with throat cancer.  His cancer came back last year and he left us in April of 2016. 

Live, love and be excellent to one another. 





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When I was told I had /have pancreatic cancer, I didn't know anything about it and made some jokes about how I didn't even know how to spell it.
That was nearly four years ago.
I still joke because it can't stop me.
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