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That's tragic, another piece of history that's gone prematurely. One of the few bassist-players who became an idol to all the true prog and rock fans, in that circle that includes our John, Greg Lake, Geddy Lee, ecc. 
We will always thank you Chris.

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It is a sad day.  There was a Yes interview and I can't remember if it was Chris Squire and Jon Anderson that thought Yes would go on in new lineups long after they were gone.   It will be weird because he is the one constant that was always there. 

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I am sad indeed to learn of Chris Squire's passing, as he was among my first inspirations on the bass guitar.  I own two Ricks and often used a pick on Rotosound strings for that heavier sound, but I never could make bass lines swing the way he did.  I regret now that I never saw Yes in concert -- I almost got to see the Union tour but the Oklahoma City date got cancelled just a week before.  I am glad to know that Chris selected Billy Sherwood as his successor in Yes, and that he was with loved ones when he passed away.  Goodbye, Papa Chris!

Jeffrey M. Leatherwood

Everyone needs a reflection to remind them they are alive...


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Maybe not the right place but knowing John was close with Chris, I am terribly saddened by his passing. I met him once on the Drama tour and he could not have been more charming and kind to a rambling college boy. As a fan, admirer and frustrated imitator of his playing, loosing a true innovator is always tough. He was one of a kind.

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