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I saw Cheap Trick/Poison/Def Leppard this past weekend.

During CT's "The Flame" I saw a few lighters come out. Only wasn't dark out yet! But during DL's "Bringing on the Heartbreak", the effect was much better.

The first time I remember seeing people holding up cellphones was during a Duran Duran concert when they played "Save a Prayer". I had no idea until then that people did that. At a Keane concert once I happened to turn around during "Bedshaped". There were hundreds of cellphones lit up. That is the one song that will always stick out for me.

As for the best Asia song for the lighter/cellphone treatment? "The Last to Know." I can dream.

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Gotta second Midnight Sun!  Elton John's Candle in the Wind surely fits the bill.

OK, here's an idea for a new iPhone app: iLight: display an image of an old cigarette lighter flaming away, with user-tweakable parameters to adjust the type of lighter, flame intensity, etc. That would bring virtual analogue to a whole new level...  

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Elstree, I second that on Bedshaped of those moments at a concert you never forget. Hey, and what in the world were you doing turning around not paying attention during Bedshaped?!

Midnight Sun for me, plus..Here Comes The Feeling and Without You.


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For Asia, Midnight Sun or Without You for sure.

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The first time I seen ciggie lighter flammin was at my first ever concert I went to. It was Asia back in 1982 at The University of Toledo Centennial Hall. There was a lot of flammin going inside the hall. If you know what I mean.

Another song:
Dep Leppard--Love Bites

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I went to see Journey in the late 80s with my sis ~ people held up lighters through most of the show. My sister turned her flame up high and it caught fire to the nail polish on her thumb nail! It was a wicked flame ~ and after she blew it out, her nail looked black. I'm normally compassionate but when I saw her nail, I laughed my head off. I had to sit down to keep from falling down from laughter and she was so mad at me.  Whenever I think of Journey, I remember her black nail

Emwhy ~ I agree with Ride Easy ~ acoustically it's heart tugging and I'd hold a flame for that one too 


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Looks like the consensus is "Midnight Sun"!!!!  I'm giving John a "gentle nudge" to please consider playing it next time around! 

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Tell me please, that there is light, after all..."

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My ASIA song lighter moment would have to be "Voice of America"  
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'Ride Easy' - forever.

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