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Originally Posted by beontime
That this lady must put DAS on repeat tonight.  I can't believe it, just singing along I missed the "what's important in life" part.  If you only knew. 

Edit: Can't crank the volume to 11, Racer, the house would shift and end up in the cul-de-sac below.  What kind of system DO you have?   

Same as Spinal Tap


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Thanks, guys, just started DAS ~ yup it's there.  I guess having a friend with a back so bad she had to have boob reduction kinda off-set my thoughts.   John & Geoff, message received. 

"Let's make the most of today. Let's make the most of now!" JW

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I can tell you, DAS is one of my favorites from Omega. But then, so many faves to wander around.
I hope one of my friends gets Omega soon, he seems to carry a heavy burden.

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