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Here's a cool addition to this earlier post...

Originally Posted by David
Ah, the things you learn. Thanks Johan. Just found this on the DGM Live website, the 'Exposure' Rehearsals:

Though hardly earth-shattering in their content they nevertheless document the power trio that never was of John Wetton, Phil Collins and RF himself. The first finds Phil Collins keeping impeccable time in much the same way he did on Brian Eno’s Energy Fools The Magician on Brian Eno's Before & After Science. Opening up with the universally recognised Crimson distress call, the second section tantalising offers something of promise only for the stop button to cruelly cut them off in their prime. Finally, they woke up that morning and had the Exposure blues. You can see how North Star and ultimately Matte Kudasai evolved.

'Power Trio' is right! Too bad it didn't work out. If anyone's interested, you can download little snippets here (if you register):

Take a listen to the 7:13 "Groove" from the Exposure tapes:

Another outing for the Exposure power trio – John Wetton, Phil Collins and Robert Fripp. Sadly the instruments keep dropping out as the mute buttons on the desk are pressed to check levels. Even so, there’s some mighty fine range-finding going on here. Wetton is on superb form on this groove reminding us how talented he was at simultaneously underpinning and supporting whilst driving some of the harmonic elements of music. Over from the guitar stool we can hear the kind of cyclical riffs that would finally find their place in the League of Gentlemen and some blazing runs – including a dazzling piece of finger-on-fret fun just as the engineer blips him out to check the drums!

Groove is right

somewhere deep in the night...

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       Excellent, thank you

What can I say? My position is clear!

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I don't care how old you are...this is a tough song to pull off and this girl gives it a great attempt:

No trees were harmed in the posting of this message, but several electrons were inconvenienced!

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Heck,yes! However, Bill was not much older than her when we recorded it. Well,he didn't look much older.

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...give her a job Johan!

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