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On another thread, your comment about reading to Dylan was really heartwarming and after everything you have been through as of late, it really does put things in perspective in our lives as to what is really important and precious when you get right down to it. I am really happy for you!

Having said that, I also know out of the mouth of kids oft time come gems. I was wondering how Dylan feels about his Dad's new project with one of the pillars of his career? I know he has been on the road with you and now will get to see you release a new album. Ever get any comic or constructive criticism from Young Master Wetton? I am just curious what Dylan thinks of his Dad's work and what he thinks of the band? After all, this is a pretty big deal and I wonder if he just sort of takes it all in stride or is excited.

Again, just curious and hope I am not being too intrusive. Hope all is well.

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