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I just finally got the import/acoustic version of this song and I love it. I really like the extra vocal lines JW adds in the chorus after the middle break. Both versions are awesome. I guess this proves that a great song is a great song no matter what the arrangement. If you would have told me 2 years ago in '06 that the original lineup would be back and also produce a song that has become a bit of a mantra for most of here, I never would have believed it.....never in a million years (sorry couldn't resist).

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I do agree that both versions are smashing. It's interesting to note the different parts that grab your attention in the different versions.

I've finally heard my nephew's version - as reported to me while in Vegas, he's singing "An Ex-frog-inary Life". Getting closer! Since he's inherited our word-geekiness, he'll probably know how to spell 'extraordinary' before Kindergarten. At least for him, each day is still an adventure, so he doesn't need the song as a reminder yet.

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