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my answers for today:
Asia = Without You
Wetton solo = Battlelines
iCon = Die Is Cast  (well, pretty much the entire Rubicon album!)
KC = Starless / One More Red Nightmare
UK = Rendezvous 6:02

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Solo: Battle Lines
(It was my theme song during my difficult midlife crisis last year)

Icon: Let Me Go

Original Asia: Only Time Will Tell
(Without You is a very, very close second -- the two songs tend to duke it out for fave spot depending on my mood)

I also have another, sentimental Asia favorite ... Last year I spent a week working with a program in Staten Island, NY, assisting the homeless, hungry and those with HIV/AIDS.  When I got back home, I was asked to speak at my church -- in fact, to deliver the Sunday sermon based on that experience.  The Scripture text I used was II Kings 6:8-23, where the prophet Elisha is threatened by an army, and his panicked servant despairs until Elisha prays that God would "open his eyes" and see the heavenly army there to defend them, and later he prays the same for the attackers while seeking mercy for them.  I likened this to opening one's eyes to the needs of the world and God-given capabilities we have to help others.  And being a huge Asia fan, I referenced the song "Open Your Eyes" to make the point.  People really seemed to get it, including folks who were, ahem, rather 'long in the tooth' to be Asia fans. Our pastor even referred positively to it a week later.  Not exactly what the song was about, of course, but hey, it worked!  How often does one hear about Asia at a church service?  So "Open Your Eyes" rates high on my list, too.


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A touching and heartwarming story,rtc.Actually,you might hear Wetton/Downes (iCon,oddly enough--not Asia) music in more Church services than you think.In the past year not surprisingly "God Walks With Us" was given hymn status,and the Family Church in Winchester,UK uses "To Catch a Thief", with slightly modified lyrics in their Sunday service.

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You are very kind, Johan.  I'm not surprised to hear God Walks With Us getting that kind of attention, pleased to hear Thief get it as well (I love that song, my daughter's voice sounds a lot like that when she sings). I'm so very glad to hear you are on the mend, it's been a topic of my prayers. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us!


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Is it too late to join in?  But this question is hard to answer. This is what I'm really liking right now

Asia: Ride Easy
Solo: Paper Talk
Icon: Whirlpool
KC: Easy Money.. but of course right now I'm listening to the get-all-out end of Starless and it's a very close second
UK: In the Dead of Night

somewhere deep in the night...

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Solo:  Cold Is The Night
Icon:  Rubicon
Original Asia:  Sole Survivor (from Fantasia)
King Crimson:  Fallen Angel
UK: Caesar's Palace Blues

Man, this was really hard to do, just like you said kewpie3.

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