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I just thought that a new Post might bring a change in fortunes to all our teams. I say it is time to ditch "Ram Heaven" and start afresh. The only guy that could have a problem is Francesco.
There appears to be plenty of transfer action going on at Pride Park so maybe "the worm has turned"

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I'd like to see David Jones returning to NEC Nijmegen! We had him on loan from ManU two years ago and he did a great job.


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Oh my God!
A change of fortune to this year's INTER???
No! Please, NO!!!
Viddy, if something will change (in a bad way) from now on, I'll hold you responsible for that!

cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary...

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Hey David I second that, Barça also needs a change in fortune .
Maybe the only fact of having  posted this makes the fortune change and we can return to the Ram Heaven thread, it's a matter of faith

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