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It(still)hurts,  So bad.
What can I say? My position is clear!

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I've spent a lot of the last day or so reading through some of these posts again. It has been a long time.

The John Wetton Guestbook was SPECIAL. This was an honestly sacred place for his fans to meet. I did follow John over to Twitter, where he kind of slowly gravitated towards from 2014 onward... but it never fully took the place of this for me. (I DID love a lot of the photos he shared on Twitter, though, so for that I REALLY enjoyed it.)

The JW Guestbook just finally became so "quiet" here.... as everyone else left, so finally did I. But "finding" this again, years of posts still intact, has been deeply enjoyable. It was an unexpected pleasure to find a lot of John's spirit still visible for us here.

REST IN PEACE, John. As Tyler W. said, it still hurts so much...  I just can't articulate it to an outsider. John Wetton was my hero in music - and as I came to see here, and meeting him in person, just a really decent and humble (and HARD WORKING) man. An IMMENSE vocal talent, and such an INTELLIGENT songwriter... and one hell of a sense of humor.

"NEVER AGAIN"....... you get one of these artists ONCE in a lifetime. 

Yesterday would have been the maestro's 69th birthday. You are missed, John Wetton.

- Douglas

"RIDE EASY my friends... this journey ends before it begins"

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you are writing out of the middle my heart.

I loved the familiar atmosphere here in Johns guestbook. I often ask myself, why it is so quiet here now…… John is no longer here. But why do leave all guestbookers?

Some weeks ago I had an update on to my ASIA tattoo. I wear the “eyes” on the left rib under my heard. You will find a pic in one of the two tattoo-threads. I just gave my eyes a fresh color and changed nothing else. First I wanted to add the tear ….. but decided against it. I want to keep it alive. During the doing of the tattoo I had a lot of scenes of concerts, backstage meetings and meet and greets in my head……so sad.

When cleaning up my wardrobe some weeks ago I found the Donald-Shirt I only have worn only “front-row”. I held it in my hands…..not knowing what to do with it now… No chance to wear it again. No way to throw it away. So much emotions and memories exploded in my mind in a part of a second.

Yesterday the football world-cup started. Do you remember the discussions? Johns Three Lions. My German “Mannschaft”.  Even the American guest booker began to watch matches…… And now? Silence.

Yes Agent, yes Tyler; you are not alone; I miss him too!

Greetings from Germany!


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Hello my friends. It’s been a long while. I wanted to check in here and see if anyone was still posting. I’m glad that some of us from many years ago still stop by and talk about their memories of John. I’ve been a huge fan of John’s since the first Asia LP back in 1982. I am a co administrator of the Asia fan club on FB, and the co lead vocalist of the NJ based John and Asia tribute band: The Aurora Project. I too miss this page. John made this guestbook a very family like community. I miss him, and his musical genius. To be honest, I still cannot believe that John is no longer physically here. He was such a major part of my childhood and adult life. I had the pleasure of getting to know him over the years. It’s very surreal and indeed it still hurts. It always will. How can this man who played such a big part of my musical youth be no longer physically here? I think of John often, and continue to pray for his soul and family. Let’s try to somehow revitalize this community and keep the love and legacy of John Wetton alive. Stay well my friends and hope to read more posts in the near future.
Live Angel..You come to me and cry, like tears of joy come raining from the sky.
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