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Wishing each of you peace and joy on your little corner of the universe. Hope you have a wonderful 2009, and looking forward to seeing some of you sometime along the way.
I keep on searching ever more, for
What I just can’t see/Now I look, and find the answer Right in front of me

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Originally Posted by Johan
And a happy,healthy,peaceful,prosperous new annus mirabilis to all ( Janus included---good thinking,Ghostmo).That is a cool way to see in the year,G1. For the originator of this thread,Francesco, 2009 will see Michael Owen in a blue and black shirt. Me,for today,I'm very happy to be here.God bless,and see you all in the course of the ever unfolding cosmic tapestry.

..if that is true then Happy New Year to Michael Owen too!!!

cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary...

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Happy New Year to John and the rest of the boys!  Continued good health, happiness, and success in 2009 and beyond.  And thank you for Phoenix!  Well worth the 25 year wait!  Simply Amazing!

Live Angel..You come to me and cry, like tears of joy come raining from the sky.

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Happy 2009, everybody!  Looking forward to some POSITIVE changes throughout the year.  

"Don't try to stop me...I am a professional!!!" -- DAVID COVERDALE
"NO! We are not an English rock band...We are albatross salesmen from Huddersfield" -- IRON MAIDEN
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