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Anyone who has siriusxm satellite radio may know they have a channel called The Coffeehouse, and this afternoon I heard Heat of the Moment being played.  They showed it as being performed by Asia, but clearly it was during JW's solo years, since the second verse began: "And now you find yourself in '96..." Probably the last place I would expect to hear an Asia song, but John is a great singer-songwriter, so maybe I shouldn't be.

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Honestly, that's a great fit. A lot of his solo work - and esp. his songs' renditions on AKUSTIKA - would find a happy home and maybe even some new fans over at The Coffeehouse.

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I always thought that 82 was a place rather than a date on HOTM  - strange that JW would have changed the meaning


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Greetings, friends!

I suspect this performance of HOTM is contemporaneous with The Tokyo Tapes, because the acoustic version of that song has now you find yourself in '96 as well.  This has a different meaning to a Rev War historian living in South Carolina, as Fort 96 was the scene of a fierce battle between the Continentals and British forces.  I will be reporting back on the Atlanta show at Variety Playhouse in a few days!

Take care!


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