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Of John & Geoff composing at the magic piano:

Strictly meant in jest, not to offend

No trees were harmed in the posting of this message, but several electrons were inconvenienced!

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Very funny! No audio on my machine, but fun to watch anyway....hehe.

Who knew Geoff could play so well with his arse?  I just figured the crazy-pantsed one was Horace....forgive me if I'm wrong. That would make Johan the ticklish one....I s'pose.

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I loved Victor Borge when I was a kid. It's good to know he really was funny. Excellent,emwhy.

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Which immediately puts you in mind of this ... at least for Brits (over a certain age) 

(OK, it might appear a bit long for those unfamilar - but the pay-off is worth it)

And then there was always the master: 

And for our encore tonight: 

"My first wife said 'it's either that guitar or me' you know -
and I give you three guesses which one went..." Jeff Beck
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