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Asya rocks,   I had an Asia t on.

I was at the bar with Boz almost the entire time though.  I was wearing glasses and a hat.  When wearing an Asia shirt, I resemble a globe due to my incredible physique

 There is a picture of me on under sole's blog.  I wish I had met you.  We are all famous in this little world, you have to give your board name and everyone says...oh yeah.

Was it before or after the show when you met Boz?  (the asia nut gathering picked up after the show)

Maybe you missed me because Hooters had your attention?

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Dave, I met Boz outside of Hooters before the show. He's one helluva funny guy. 
I must have you confused with someone else.

I remember meeting Chad Sycamore and Jack McCoy.

What do you mean "the asia nut gathering picked up after the show" ? I think I'm glad now I met Boz BEFORE the show.

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AR,  I left the Hooters 2 seconds before Boz literally.  I think I must have passed you as I was leaving.  (it was like 3minutes to show time).

Yes he is a funny guy.  And Mrs. Scagga was probably not what you expected if you read his posts

I am sorry I missed you.  (any chance you were infront of us on the way in to the Hoots?  We had Asia fans infront of us as we were entering.  Were you with 2 friends?

Asia nuts at the bar.  Referring to the after show fiesta.  My wife and I, Boz and Mrs. Scagga, Art (wetton 82) Martin Darvill, Bruce pilato, Robbin and Mr. Robbin?  (long time yes photographer and asia) An oriental gentleman I forget his name, as well as others.

It was An Asia Trek convention.

Oh and some grumpy dude.  He had a KC Red album shirt on.  I said "nice shirt" and he replied.  "just go to the website, they sell them there"....hmn OK.  Nice to meet ya.

Oh and the best thing I have ever seen.  A heckler during SH's solo.

Someone we all know (as in SH) said and I quote "would you shut the f#@K up" and never missed a note

"I could have died"

Worth every minute of the 8 hour drive (each way )

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I never went in to Hooters. I was waiting outside for some friends.

I have to go back and read more posts here. I must be way off base with who some of these people are.

Among the Asia nuts at the bar was Martin Darvill?  Isn't he a manager? Why do you think he's a nut?  Or do I have him confused with someone else?

We may have met the same Oriental (Asian?) man. Was his name Tetsumi?  (I think that's how you spell it) He was a waiter at the casino. Really nice man.

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AR,  Asia nut= fan.

Martin darvill is GD and JW's manager, but in reality he is just a fan like us.  He seems as happy to be there as we "fans".  So manager or not he is really a fan first.

Bruce Pilato is CP's manager.

Asia nut= fan who drives 16 hours to see a 2 hour concert.

Don't deny it, you too are an Asia NUt.

BTW,  "I never went into Hooters"    (sure you didn't

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Dave,Boz introduced me to you at the Trump bar after the show. I believe that you were star struck with all the people around and you probabvly forgot.
Boz was with Mister Darvill and Bonnie,the Yes photographer. I believe that you were being entertained by CP's mgr. Bruce Pilato. I distinctly remember Boz calling him Pontius Pilato.
I don't think that Boz likes him or CP.

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Chad, I honestly don't remember, did he say your last name?  I certainly would have recognzed your name as you have been out here for years.

Maybe we will have a chance next year.

I do remember speaking to bruce briefly, so I know the exact time we must have met.

Also sorry to Bonnie, as I think I called her Robbin
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