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Originally Posted by John
My friend´s elderly Mom visiting the US for the first time, asked at reception for a rubber.It´s what we call an eraser, but the desk clerk nearly fainted.

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John ~ My child and I were at Sea World 3 nights ago. The park has speakers hidden all through it and they constantly play music. As we were walking past Dolphin Stadium about 7:30 ish, HOTM started playing. I've heard that song a billion times and it sounded especially beautiful then and there

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That's lovely, Evelyn. Great to hear, thanks for posting.

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Had a HOTM siting (or more like hearing today)

The New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens divisional playoff game.

During a stoppage of play you could hear the first two verses of HOTM playing in the background.


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Wondering...when these iconic songs are played at professional sporting events, is the arena or team paying BMI or ASCAP licensing fees that snake their way back to the artist ?  It's cool to hear the songs yes, not so cool if the artist is not receiving a royalty when their music actually becomes part of the event.
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Chiproggo, I worked for the Buffalo Sabres for a while back in the 90s doing music between hockey shifts and commercial breaks at their arena, and yes the team did have to pay a licensing fee for the music to BMI/ASCAP. In fact we had some files in the library that hadn't been cleared and we had a staffer come in and delete them.
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HotM played yesterday on Planet Rock.

There's a lot of very ordinary, basic, basically boring stuff on there, then a diamond pops up...!!!


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