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Originally Posted by Allen82
Great to hear!  I never would have believed that 5 years ago we would have two, pending three new Wetton/Downes collaborations plus a new Asia CD, live CD and live DVD.  It's been a great ride and I think I'm speaking for most here in that we hope it continues.

Ditto ^


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Asia or Icon - which comes first? - who knows? All i know is that both vehicles are a great outlet for the superb songwriting and craftmanship of John Wetton. I feel JWs music maintains a certain PERSONAL identification no matter what product or project he associates himself with. His music has come in many guises (and today I have taken away much of the Family Van Streem's time by listening to my own  personal faves - Battle, ArkAngel, RoFaith, Rubicon and a few classic points in between). But I know any new JW related CD will always present the perfect combination of surprises and delights combined with assurity of quality. For that reason i will always be glad for any addition to the musical family of JW releases. I fail to think of ANY heritage artist who has CONSISTENTLY produced such high quality regular work at this stage in their career (and I challenge ANYONE on that point!!!)....

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please delete me and acknowlege that you have

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I do agree completly.  His Voice, Music and lyrical writing are completly motivating and inspirational to me. 

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