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I've already sent a note to the State Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan, BEGGING them to bring in iCon.  The State is an amazing, 1920s-era venue, and I've seen some tremendous concerts there over the years.  (Johan, you told me once that UK used to play Kalamazoo, might it have been in the State Theater?)  Fingers and toes crossed.....


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I have contacted my co-worker's husband John Murphy ~ he is in charge of the entertainment at the Ives Center in Danbury, CT. He says he knows you, Johan ~ he said you are "A really nice guy" (we knew that!).Fingers and toes crossed!


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Originally Posted by April
I've had it with Ram's Head Annapolis....Some of the seats are subpar too.

True, it is an oddly shaped room.
Originally Posted by April
I MUCH prefer Jammin Java in Vienna VA, and it's a lot closer.

About twice as far from my home than Annapolis, but that wouldn't stop me from making the trip! I've heard of JJ, but never been there. Keepin' me fingers crossed for iCon in the USA!

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