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I'm in - where do I sign up! 

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Just found this by chance and thought it would be of some Guestbookerettes' interest [smile]

In case it's not viewable copy and paste this in your browswer:


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I have some nice pics of John that I would like to share here, but when I try to insert the photo or attach appears a message "storage limit exceeded" [frown] 

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I used to share my picture collection, till some Boot lickers thought it be nice to use them. Not anymore [thumb]

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Thanks so much to all for posting the Uriah Heep photos. As a huge long time fan, many of these I have never seen before so it was a delight. Looking at the guys, including the late David Byron, they were, and are an immense collective of talent that I never felt got it's full and just recognition.  The JW era was interesting, an evolving direction in the band it seems with a different "sounding" Heep in some ways as well as compositionally, especially on the album High & Mighty.  My only regret, and this is even more true today listening to their excellent recently released CD "Outsider" is that A.) John's bass was not captured on the recordings with the punch and clarity we come to expect today and of course B.) that we did not have the pleasure of hearing John sing lead more often as on the song "One Way Or Another".  Would have loved a full album with John, Ken and David taking turns on songs as lead as well as trading verses within songs where appropriate.

As with Heep, I hope we can see more photos of John during his time with not only with Roxy/Bryan Ferry but also Wishbone Ash.  The latter was short lived and frankly I'm not sure the band toured with John for the Number The Brave album but I gotta believe there must be some studio photos floating around somewhere from the recording sessions.

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Originally Posted by John
Not that many, Jo-----I will let some go,if people want a particular guitar or bass.
Kevin --one of our GBers--- has my old 'Phenomena' Vigier tricouleur.

If so, John - I'd be honoured to own an ex-JW bass banjo!

Whaddya got for sale?! I'm all ears! [biggrin]
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