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"This Week"--Cliff Mitchelmore,wasn't it? Ta raaaa!--big picture of the world,great music, monochrome,marvellous!

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Memories John..Cliff Micklemoore...Worth the dash home!

please delete me and acknowlege that you have

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Reviving this thread, and wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  My goodness, spend some time away from this place and look at what you miss...  

All this classical music discussion caught my eye - some great recommendations. So I thought this was worth a mention... it's modern, but beautiful and melodious.  Aaron Jay Kernis is the composer and the piece is called Air for Violin.

Looking forward to all the great music this year, namely Asia!

somewhere deep in the night...

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The music that inspires me is the music of nature.

There is nothing that compares to an early morning outdoors yoga session accompanied by the chirping of birds and crickets, or an evening jog with a light rain falling.

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Well, now I can honestly say I am learning from this GB.  Was listening to the radio this morning and out of nowhere music started playing in the background to emphasize a point the jock was making.  And this rock aficionado was able to correctly identify the song as "Ride of the Valkyries."  So thanks to all for making me sound smarter than I probably am. 

Will what I'm worried about really matter in five years?

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I have to admit that every time I hear "Ride of the Valkyries", all I can picture is Bugs Bunny in drag dressed as Brunnhilde.  That and the fat white horse he was riding.  *sigh*

"Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it.”
― Rumi

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Johan have you heard The Who's Tommy done by the London Symphony Orchestra with guest soloists? It came out in 72 and has alot of your great english veterans singing on it. I have it on album and CD. Amazon America is asking $122 for it. I'm glad I got the CD when it was reissued. 

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Hmmm...interesting thread. 

I've always harbored a taste for classical music.  Even as a kid (when I was levitating to the Moody Blues [a bit of classical influence right there] or Joni Mitchell), I was listening to classical.  I think my ballet lessons had something integral to do with this development, but the affinity never really dissipated.  I'm certain that this is why I enjoy "progressive rock" so deeply.

As an adult, I also worked at a classical music radio station on the CT shoreline as well as a part-time DJ, PSA director and general roustabout.  I can't rightly state that I am an expert within this genre, but I was always partial to those melodramatic Russians...particularly Tchaikovsky.  And I adore Mozart (the rocker of his day).  Baroque is NOT a favorite.  I just thought I'd mention that factoid and get it out of the way right now! 

You mentioned Amadeus, Johan.  That's one of my all-time favorite films, and I think that Tom Hulce was spectacular in that role.  (Goddess1, your own reference to Bugs Bunny and "Ride of the Valkyries" really cracked me up.  I recall that one SO well.  Ah, I still love those Warner Brothers cartoons!) 

Now I'm starting to recall some very humorous memories from those days -- such as the infamous time that my cohort, Drew, was manning the controls and accidentally began to play R.E.M.'s "Flowers From Guatemala" instead of Pink Floyd's "Terminal Frost" (from the "Momentary Lapse of Roger" album) between pre-recorded programs that featured ambient and proggers such as Renaissance.  Heh heh heh.  I'm certain that all listeners within a 100 mile radius immediately turned to stone...
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