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What role did you play in determining which tracks were last on albums?  Maybe its just me, but some of the closers seem to really stay with you.  Songs that come to mind are Starless, Carrying No Cross, Here Comes the Feeling, Open Your Eyes, After the War, Woman-In the End, You're not the Only One, Rubicon, and Extraordinary Life.  Do you think any song placed in the final slot leaves a similar impression, or are these some of the best able to do so, and chosen for that reason?  

I listen to the water drip down
Into the cell
Run amok
If I survive this living hell

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I'm very vocal about this subject.In my book,you have to come in strong,and leave equally emphatically--however,track lists have a habit of choosing themselves.The first track sets out the stall,and the last track will determine whether the listener returns.
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