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I do not have Facebook/Tweeter/or other forms of social media. In days gone by I could PM you with personal information/conversation on rare occasions when necessary. Well, I need to contact you...
How do I do so?

Your Life-Long Listener


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Th is is extremely complicated getting a message through. I . am a fan, not a groupie, of Mr Wetton. I just want to say how much his music has changed me. I was an ASIA fan from the start, although I was familiar with Mr. Wetton  from the other bands,UK, CRIMSON, HEEP, ROXY...etc.  Your music has changed over these many years'. The solo CD's are very inspiring. They have given me hope fo,.r what was a bad future. Not anymore, the future looks' better , the music gave me hope in a bad situation. The words,lyrics, have so much meaning to me. Your voice is very soothing, real, it has real emotion behind it. AH!! Steffi's Ring just started . I love that song so much. Let me stop to listen, "WALKING on AIR " is now. Take Me Down is next. I can not express the feeling I get from these wonderful songs. The words' can truly change your life. They make it better. They have given me hope when it was lost a long time ago. I truly respect you, your music has changed my life. Bless you and I pray that you are healthy again. Sincerely, Cynthia Fradelizi. I would like to meet on the FEB cruise, if pos


Cynthia Fradelizi
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