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cheesy $50 synth!  [smile] lovely!


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That is a great interview, I enjoyed that read immensely. BATTLE LINES is still probably "the gold standard" for me for a great male singer-songwriter album... well, the way that 1982's ASIA debut album is my "gold standard" by which I still judge all other rock groups' recordings.

Before BATTLE LINES, it was John Mellencamp's SCARECROW and Don Henley's THE END OF THE INNOCENCE by which I tended to compare great singer-songwriter LP's (and still do, honestly). But BATTLE LINES took everything I loved about /ASIA\ music - and fused it with the story-narrative styling of Henley. A special record, no doubt...

Thanks for the link, Jorge!

- Douglas

"RIDE EASY my friends... this journey ends before it begins"

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Thanks JorgeG, very interesting!
'Crime of passion' and the majestic 'Hold me now' cause me chills as I write their titles.

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BL is and will be a timeless masterpiece, and the first JW album I bought just when it was released. Ok, also Live Mockba from Asia.
It made my head explode, has no fillers composition-wise, not to say that John's performances are stellar and the overall sound spectacular. A really true gem, good to read any further info like this short interview. Gracias Jorge! [wink]


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One of John's albums I'd like to see a complete album performance of.
Every track is a cracker.
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