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Hello John and all I have always been one for reading the messages on here without feeling a need to contribute.However having seen the band on Sunday in London I have to say a big thanks to all,for the great concert that you put on.Where I was standing there was quite a few 20 somethings who had a great time.Your voice John sounds as great as ever and the band fantastic.As for Dave Ling I have spoken to him at concerts many times before during and after a concert and have to say that many times I have disagreed with his comments on bands and told him so.He was not impressed with Journey last year at Hammersmith I thought along with many others that they was fantastic.He said the same about Rush last year.After all Dave Ling is just one persons view which is not my view of Asia or thousands of others its just a shame that he is involved with classic rock magazine .On the journey home all I heard was very very positive comments,no negative or on the fence.All in all the London concert was a very good one and in my opinion Asia can be around for a good few years.
To all the guys in ASIA keep on ROCKING
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