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My musical idol and, I have to agree with Maryellen, the fact of being so in touch with the fans shows a humbleness that adds an unique and unusual human value. One in a million.


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My favourite singer , songwriter and bassist .
Someone whose lyrics and music have offered me strength and inspiration throughout my life.
A true Icon for me .A Hero in the "battlelines".
John-you keep on creatin' magic with your music-through space and time-you are unique !
"True as an arrow
So we soldier on
Right on across the Rubicon"

Open your eyes and see the world that stands in front of you

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THE young person's guide to the best of rockmusic of the whole 70s and early 80s. 

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What he is to me.

A success.

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The Man whose music and voice helped and helps me to live. Live icon. My own escape from reality...

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While I've been an original Asia fan since the debut album, I was admittedly unaware of John's solo career until three years ago.  What a wondrous discovery!  I found his music simply stunning, speaking to many elements of my own life.  John is deeply introspective (a trait that I share as a fiction writer), and he brings his personal learnings forth in song with the hope that they will be meaningful to others.  Not only is that gracious, it's immensely courageous.  A songwriter/musician invests so much of himself in his work, then bares his neck to a public who may love or savage the work with little regard to that investment.

I, for one, am grateful for John's courage -- and his undeniable talent!
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