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Sorryto jump the gun by a few days but I won't have access to this on the day of, so I want to wish Johan Happy B-Day and to thank you immensely for "An Extraordinary Life". It's been extremely inspiring to me as I prepare to finish up this treatment program I've been in and face the world again. A great attitude changer: "Responsibility is totally mine..." Have a great birthday!!

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"How can I contribute if I just don't try?"

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That's GREAT news, jonberg!


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Thanks,JB. Remember the end of your rehab is just the beginning. Of a fabulous life ,if you want it. There is nothing you cannot do. Except pick up. God go with you every step of the way.One step,and one day,at a time.

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jonberg, welcome back! You have been in my thoughts and prayers many times in these past months, and I'll continue to keep you there. Go well and, as Johan says, one day at a time.


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Yay Jonberg! Excellent news, and  Sir Wetton has said it all...

I PM'd ya too.

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