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Frank, you may have noticed a very pretty lady sitting to my left,as opposed to the Behemoth on my right wearing the wedding band.
Turns out the pretty lady was the Mom of one of the SOR drummers.
I asked her the same question. I do not recall the band's name but they are all past members of the "School of Rock" who have grown up and reached the "Age of Reason."

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I sat next to the brother of the guitarist/lead singer. They were very good with some serious Mars Volta / Coheed & Cambria influences...some being S of R alumni as Boz has already stated and believe they have a myspace page and I believe they are NY based.

The bassist was very impressive...Sort of a cross between Geezer Butler and Brad Delp in the looks and playing department and from Montclair, New Jerzee.

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Drazen alsew see opening act,verry good,did knot catch name of band.
Hard two beleeve butt New York Polizia want two qwestyun Drazen abowt stollen Kayak in lobby at BB King. Drazen had two hide behine bigg wife of Boz.

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omg I having a laughter attack.

Paul hav qwesion four drazen.
Hav u ever thoght of be coming a touring co median?

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