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Hi folks. . .

New user here - you can call me Wolfy. I too was intrigued by the "code" at the end of the song, "Emily", and found my way here. Now that the mystery seems to have been solved, I just wanted to share my own experience with this song!  Here goes. . .

I have two friends named Emily and Emilie, who have been best friends with each other for many years. Both are attractive young ladies and I'm quite fond of Emily. Based on some things she's said, I don't think she really "bats for the other side", (her sister does - she's my oldest friend's sister's fiancee) but the two Ems call each other "wifey" and "boo" and their Facebook status is "married". (I think they're having a laugh, and being ambiguous about their relationship on purpose, but then I could be wrong. . . or in denial. . .  I haven't asked as it's none of my business.) Whatever the case is, "Emily" (the song) makes me grin - it practically describes this situation right down to her name.

Great song, thanks John! I remember when first heard the last verse, I started laughing in disbelief and had to replay it a few times.  Love it. 

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Hello Amadeus,
identification---that's the name of the game here!
 Don't you  love it when it all works.

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Absolutely! It's unusual for me to really connect with a song to that degree. The only other time I can think of was the first time I heard "Intruder" by Peter Gabriel, and the next day my Mother told me that somebody was walking around in our driveway with a flashlight the night before. . .  creepy. And that wasn't really "identifying with"the song, it was just a weird coincidence. 

You can also call me Amadeus. . . That's a new one - but then I have an online friend in Croatia who calls me Percival. I'm known by many names. . .  


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Hi Percival, welcome.
I'll stick with that ~ I like the medieval theme there.

I like your 'Emily' story.


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And now two people call me Percival.  

I can live with that.
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