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Originally Posted by Evelyn
How old is your son? He sounds like a cool kid 

I don't see musicians in any of my children. My son is an IT Specialist for the Navy and he talks computers day and night. My girls are so shy that I can't see them ever wanting to be on a stage. I don't know about my little one. She has incredible lungs ~ maybe she'll be a heavy metal singer? 

Hey, EVELYN!  That's cool that your kids like our kinda music!  I like what you said about your youngest daughter--if she does have great lung power and wants to hear a nifty female heavy metal vocalist, you oughta let her listen to Veronica F. of BENEDICTUM.  They are based in San Diego, and currently have 2 albums out. 

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Brianos ~ Happy 15th Birthday to your son    He sounds like a good kid for working all summer long. Not too many kids these days are like that. I agree about the time flying too. When I look at my own son ~ it stuns me. He's older than I was when I had him.

ROA ~ hehehe! My baby is only 2 years old ~ I'll only be buying Baby Einstein and Disney for her for the next couple of years, I think    I looked at your link ~ I've never heard of them before. I'm not a fan of most local stuff though. I still think Jewel is the best thing that played locally here and that's going back quite a few years.


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School daze long behind me now. My 'baby boy' turns 20 in a couple of months (that's him alongside me on my avatar, we went on the Guatemala mission trip together). He's going to college locally, so I've still got him for a couple more years. My 'baby girl' will turn 31 in December, and her baby girl is 2 - wow, like brianos says, where does the time go? At least they all appreciate Asia!

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