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the band in a press Release said King Crimson will be playing a series of live dates in Chicago at the Park West during August 2008 Robert Fripp recently played there And the 40 Anniversary Celebration Of King Crimson will take place there
Robert say's a best Of Crimson will be playing during those 4 nights John any chance you were asked about playing any of these shows


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No,I wasn't asked.

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Well my friend, I trust Mr. Fripp will get to it then. If this is a 40th anniversary, it's not King Crimson without you. You were part of the best lineup of that band without question.

I am sure there is the potential for more Asia dates come summer (predicated on your continued good health, a possible Yes project involving Steve, etc) but honestly, that period was KC's most creative and acclaimed. Hey I love the Crimson King and Poseidon era but the incarnations that followed could not hold a candle to you, Fripp, Bruford and Cross.

I hope you'll let us know if this changes. I just find that....unacceptable.


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I truly have to agree

Red was such an incredible album, nothing the more recent line-ups of KC have done comes remotely close

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It would be incredibly moving to see John sing "Starless" once again with his old mates... if it happens I'd be in the first row, anywhere in the world!

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