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I assume a number of people have attend the meet and greets from past tours (or have done so on the current tour that just started).  Can anyone give me an idea about what I might expect if I sign up for one on this tour?  How much time does the meet and greet last, how many fans are typically present, do all four guys participate, etc.  Also, the gift shop indicates you get a lyric sheet or color poster signed by Asia.  Is that something that is provided as part of the cost, or does that really mean you bring in one item of your own and they will sign?  There's a note that says:  "Due to the recent EBAY abuse only 1 item will be signed at the meet and greet.  You will not be admitted until you return the excess items to your car."  That would lead me to believe you bring one of your own items, which they will sign.  

On another note, the gift shop currently has a signed poster for only $30, which I had not seen until now.  

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.


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You get to watch the sound check, and when that's done, you get your picture taken with the whole band. After that, you get your stuff signed and chat with them. It's friendly, relaxed, fabulous, and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I had the interesting trade-off at BB King's last week of getting a much longer sound check and less time with the guys, but I got my pics and autographs. I will do it all over again tonight, too [smile]

DO IT!  HAVE A GREAT TIME! They are the nicest blokes you'll ever meet!!!!!!

I'm with the bass player
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