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Originally Posted by goddess1
LOL, JK...I lived in Milwaukee for almost 10 years, and "Laverne and Shirley" is not discussed in polite company there.  People in Milwaukee feel that the show painted a very unflattering picture of the city.  My main point of confusion was with the accents - why did 2 Milwaukee girls sound like they were straight out of Brooklyn??  But that's just me.

Well, I managed to score 2 front row tix at the far right of the stage, which will place me square in front of Geoffrey (if the stage is the same).  Yippee!!  Can't wait for April (the month, I mean.  But April, can you come to the Midwest for a little Asia??????)

wellllllll ... I might be open to persuasion ... especially if somebody made a car payment for me!!!   Hmmmm ... hey I guess I could drive there now, eh? 

PM me -- I'll try to make it work.  BTW, I have great friends in Milwaukee that would be a riot to hang with as well.  They might well be at the show anyway -- I'll email 'em.

April - progmetal
and now - the rest of prog

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You got it, sistah.  I'm all over it.  Ya hey dere, we're off to Milwaukee, ya know!!

"Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it.”
― Rumi
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