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No, it may have been a mixing mistake, where the wrong take was used in a compilation vocal. It does happen--not very often, but it does.

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Hi, Wettonians!  After exhaustively searching the GB I can say that this isn't a redundant question.  This seems the most appropriate thread in which to ask, though not an /ASIA\ question.
Starless and Bible Black - The Mincer - wth are the lyrics about?!  I have a theory!  I've wanted to test my theory by perhaps masturbating whilst listening to it, but I fear causing a rift in space-time........

~ I've no truck with the la-di-da either.

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Hello all,

I don't know about misheard lyrics, but I sometimes like to jokingly sing before my Humanities classes about the "Defeat of the Romans," in honor of those victorious Gothic warriors at Hadrianopolis in 378 AD/CE.  Some kids still know the tune!

"It was the defeat of the Romans, by Fritigern and Alaric," 
 "The defeat of the Romans and the emperor died."

 Please take no offense, John! [comp]


Jeffrey M. Leatherwood

Everyone needs a reflection to remind them they are alive...

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