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I know the band is pretty set in what they are playing live, but it would be great too hear more from Phoenix!  What song should be added?  I think Alibis would work go over well live, and I would love to hear Heroine!


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Alibis would be outstanding! So would the Sleeping Giant & Parallel Worlds suites.

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I agree, I think Alibis is wonderful. A true sing along with intelligent lyrics and the instrumental coda at the end is just brilliant.

At the J&R lunch time show yesterday, the cashier (a rather zoftig looking Russian woman with a heavy duty accent) who was playing the Phoenix album over the house speakers before the band arrived said, "I like diz zong called Alibis. Very, very good, no?" I quickly agreed, who am I to argue?


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Songs to be added from Phoenix in addition to "Nothing's Forever" and "Extraordinary Life"...I love all the tracks on Phoenix, but the ones that really pop out as live songs are
"Nothing's Forever," "Heroine," and "Alibis."

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Also, what about other songs from the band's past?

Geoff-Keep Video Killed the Radio Star
Steve-Something from Drama! Yes won't play this, and you've got two of the Drama era lineup with Geoff and Steve. So, how about "Tempus Fugit"? I guarantee we would all be so geeked out if they did this!
John-"Red," "Starless," or "Book of Saturday." Preferably, "Red." Or from UK, something from the first album or "Nothing to Lose."
Carl-Fanfare is a great song. "Karn Evil 9?" Maybe that's too signature ELP.

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They have dipped into Alpha much more this year, so if you heven't been yet Brian, you may be quite satisfied.

You also get,

Ride Easy
VoA (12 string acoustic wetton solo, brilliant)

With much of the 1st album, and the above rare toons, plus 2 Phoenix and Alpha staples like Don't Cry, TSHLYE, THGO, OYE, and the famous "other bands" the guys have been in, it's a hell of complete show.

The only perfect concert, is one where every Asia, alpha, Astra, Then and Now,Phoenix, Yes, ELP, Buggles, KC, RM, GTR, ICON, song is played

since that is somewhat unlikely, I would just enjoy the great list of this tour.

 (we can always dream)


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Quite, right, Dave -

I am especially looking forward to Daylight and Ride Easy in Chicago!
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