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Now here's your week in music news...
  • Brit gets her kids yanked and now K-Fed is the model parent of the two. Those close to Spears fear she may try to hurt herself.
  • Oh, and there is a reputed sex tape with her one night stand in Hawaii this past summer. No plans to release it as the amateur videographer says his performance is wanting.
  • Don Felder releases a tell all book on the Eagles. Remaining Eagles take flight, file legal injunction to stop the book release. Felder beats them to punch and releases it on Internet. Upon learning of this, Don Henley kicks his dog.
  • Tommy Lee quits Motley Crue....Again. Kid Rock rejoices.
  • Justin Timberlake in hot water with MTV execs chastising them on awards show to play more videos. Now they'll only play his videos ten times a day.
  • Mick Jagger, Matchbox Twenty and Bob Dylan all release greatest hits albums and no one seems to care.
  • Hanson releases a song anonymously and has a radio hit until people realize its them and then drop them cold.
You know, it liked it better when I didn't know so much about those I listened to and they just played music. The industry has really, really changed.

John, hope you've been feeling better. I plan to be near St. Pat's tomorrow in NYC and plan to light a candle for you.


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Yeah, knowing too much can SUCK the joy out of everything! Sometimes it is better NOT knowing all of those things! He KICKED his dog?!


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Thanks for the candle, JK. Awesome. Never underestimate the power of prayer.

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Had my daughter with me so Johan, you had several in your honor.

Lovely place St. Pat's. Prayer has gotten us through some tough times the last few months so I know exactly what you mean and could not agree more.

Good place to pray too...Big church, big steeple, big antenna pointed upstairs so hopefully the big guy (or gal) was tuned in.


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Tommy Lee quits Motley Crue....Again. Kid Rock rejoices.

no. T-Bone did not quit Da Crue! Despite what Nikki has said the lads are trying to patch things up. As for Redneck, he better accept that New Years eve fight in Vegas or else!

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Tommy and the boys should kiss and make up. Who else would put up with them?

And Don Henley did not kick his dog. He kicked Joe Walsh instead.


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Joe Walsh? Are you sure it wasn't Don Felder or his publisher?

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