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Now, nearly five month since John left us it is time for my personal goodbye.

Due to my own disease it was not possible to do so earlier.
I was caught in a burnout and a following depressive period. It is a little better now.
I cried bitter tears; for days; when I got the message of John passing.
On the one hand because I was in the deepest center of the depressive period. On the other hand because of losing a friend.

John was a friend for me.
Maybe not a friend in a par excellence definition.
I met him several times. Those of you who are a little longer guestbookers maybe remember some of the stories………

It was 2009 (John wrote here that time before twitter), when I asked about a meet-and-greet after the “Hammer Summer” open air gig. John answered in person and invited me to meet him and the band backstage.
We found a lot of commonalities in that 15 minutes backstage. Our sons are nearly same aged; we loved football and it was the beginning of ….. hmmm…..of what?

Thenceforward we wrote a lot and met sometimes.
I drove to many concerts in Germany/The Netherlands.
Sometime we met for some minutes after the gigs.
I sat in the Band-Van with John, waiting for the other Band members after a gig. Just for a couple of words. In a meet-and-greet in Bochum, he ignored the “no handshake sign”, stood up, gave me five and hugged me. I introduced my wife to him.
In the concerts I always stood in the middle of front row; at his feet ;-) It was such a familiar moment….each time….when the band was preparing to start….the intro was running….john looked at me and twinkled or showed shortly “thumb up”.

Our next plan was to visit a football match of my home-town-club together, when he was in the area…….sadly we had no chance to do it…..

We encountered each other with respect. He knew, that I was no “groupie”.
I think this was the base of our doing………and the reason I name it a little friendship.
He was a normal human being in our conversations; not a superstar.

I will never forget him.

Jöschi          (which is saying SORRY for his bad English ;-)


P.S.: You know, I am not in twitter ore facebook. I only write here……and I am sad, that this book is dying….

P.P.S.: Does someone know, where John is buried? I really want to visit his last-resting place to say goodbye in private. If you know, please send me the information in a personal note or mail. I swear to keep it private!!!!!

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