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Hi everyone,

I am a frequent viewer of the guest book over the past few years; I even posted a time or two when it was a different format.  Having said that, I just registered and this is my first post in this format.

I think this thread struck a chord with me, in that, I am amazed of the accessibility that is afforded to the fans by the group, most notably Johan.  I just wanted to say, as a fan of all the bands that have comprised the Asia "tree" and of course Asia, how much I appreciate a place where I can come and see for the most part great discussions, interact with a music legend, obtain latest comings and goings of all the members, and listen to incredible music. 

Am in the middle of a move, possibly West, hope to see some of you as well as the band I have followed since I heard the rumor of Asia's formation in 81.


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Jodie?  Is Jodie a babe?

The real world is a great place to begin
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