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hey happened to be driving between my students houses and low and behold my favorite band was on Q104.3 in NY. playing live on the radio. heard the final few mins of  "dont cry". and some funny Steveism about playing the guitar for 89 years. lol. sounded like a fun interview. Sounded like ken dashaw as the dj, anyone hear this and know if they played anything more. Johan?
  they did mention the instore in the city and few dates. they forgot to say peekskill or the englewood cliffs gig. and then they played "Zeps all my love" after, was hoping to hear some phoenix tunes after the interview. guess "payolla" is dead. lol or are the old DJ's dead. 
 oh well at least i had a cool moment in the car. 
 cant wait till sunday! Todd

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They have already played Never Again several times this week on the Q.

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